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Mankind is not recognized for specified whether there was anyplace in space, intelligent existence.

The only issue we know for sure - folks in no way cease to believe and not to appear for evidence that Alien Invasion are not by yourself in the universe. And these details are evidence of that:

one. About 20 thousand people have insured on their own against abduction by aliens.

There is an insurance company that is inclined to pay out a dollar a 12 months for a more one particular million many years ago someone kidnapped from Earth with no his consent. If preferred, you can not get insurance only in scenario of abduction, but in the function of an unwelcome pregnancy from a stranger, rape or loss of life.

two. Some American firefighters even taught how to give first aid in the celebration of alien’s crash of an Alien or Alien invasion.

3. If the aliens seem through a telescope at the world from a distance of sixty five million gentle-several years away appropriate now, then they will see the dinosaurs.

However, to see the dinosaurs, they require a huge telescope.

four. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth male, arrived to the moon, said that "aliens frequently place into make contact with with individuals."

The pilot of the lunar module argues that the Authorities continues to hide the truth from the individuals.

five. The President of the Worldwide Chess Federation thinks that chess was invented by aliens.


Kirwan Illumine of Kalmykia mentioned that on the night time of September seventeen, 1997, he was abducted by aliens, dressed in yellow spacesuits.

Aliens are likely to attack earth may well be a question, but that is positive, we will have an Alien Invasion shortly.

6. To attract as numerous tourists as effectively as extraterrestrial beings, in St., Paul, Alberta, the world's 1st Alien landing pad was built.

The landing pad is put on a raised system with a map of Canada, printed on the wall. Underneath the system are the stones - every single stone was brought from a particular Canadian province.

seven. In the system of the mission to the Moon crew of "Apollo eleven" noted a peculiar traveling item that was observed close to their area.

Astronauts have proposed that it was a spin-off stage of SIV-B missiles. Later, nonetheless, they obtained a concept that the SIV-B was on the spaceship "Apollo" at a distance of 6000 miles.